Ever since Villa Paradiso Cosmetics was founded, it has succeeded in assimilating the concepts of wellness and well-aging from Clinical Beauty, and in transmitting and applying them to beauty treatments and cosmetic science. It’s a cosmetic approach that stems from the demands and insight of a close-knit team in daily contact with customers’ desires and well aware of their needs. The final cosmetic product derives from the perfect union of the clinician’s and the formulator’s ideas for a product the source of which is exactly that of Clinical Beauty. Knowledge and respect for the physiology of the skin and the complex mechanisms that regulate its homeostasis are indispensable elements and guidelines for each single formulation. Active ingredients without extraction or quantity limitations, meticulously integrated excipients and sophisticated textures make it possible to obtain the complete bioavailability of the functional active cosmetic preparation. A unique fragrance, with a full-bodied, decisive perfume, that intrigues men and seduces women, creating an “osmological memory” of wellness and relaxation for body and the mind.


Extraordinary active gel, containing Hyaluronic Acid, an anti-aging formula which firms and restructures even the most fragile and delicate skin, giving a sensation of immediate well-being, diminishing bags under eyes and swelling, smoothing the complexion, relaxing wrinkles, and reinforcing and protecting the skin. Molecules with a low molecular weight with the capacity to restore moisture and tone to the skin.


Villa Paradiso’s ANTI-AGE cream represents the state of the art in modern cosmetology research. The use of active, natural and biotechnological ingredients of an extremely high level, such as Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Natural Yeast Extract), stimulates the indispensable growth factors, especially in the case of mature skin, inducing cell reactivation. A complex of Oligopeptides (for ironing out wrinkles) and Phytosterols of Brassica Campestris have demonstrated an exceptional capacity for stimulating the production of Hyaluronic Acid and native Collagen and, ultimately, for “plumping up” the skin tissue with water, markedly relaxing wrinkles.


The Villa Paradiso “ANTI-AGE SERUM’ is a concentrated serum with an intensive action that has antioxidant, anti-free radical properties, together with a considerable energy component. It is an extraordinary treatment for the prevention of wrinkles and all those signs associated with premature skin aging of an exogenous nature. The functional ingredients used are effectively conveyed in a soft, silky and velvety texture.


Exceptional, aesthetically and cosmetically innovative face treatment. Luxury cosmetics have recently demonstrated that gold can be a precious ally for our skin. Efficacious in stimulating cell renewal and in protecting against the attacks of free radicals, this precious metal has the power to promote and stimulate the rejuvenation process of skin cells, giving the skin energy and antioxidant power to withstand the test of time.


Intensive treatment in the form of a fresh, fluid gel; it diffuses a pleasant feeling of comfort and long-lasting hydration. At any age, skin needs optimum moisturizing to maintain its plump, soft condition. Even young, strong-looking skin, often with a shiny appearance and dilated pores, is in fact delicate and in need of moisture. HYDRA SERUM is the perfect solution for helping skin to maintain freshness and tone.
- Intense and prolonged moisturizing action
- Sensation of comfort and freshness
- Well-toned and uniform appearance


A barrier against the damage caused by ultra-violet rays, pollution and smoke through the use of a mixture of vitamins and sericin – a protein that possesses a high structural affinity with the keratin of the skin – this serum gives a sensation of softness and a smooth velvety look. The result is a plumper, more elastic complexion, ready to combat attacks from external agents.


Size: 50ml jar Code: 1045 Rich emulsion of precious oils that give the product a particularly silky texture for rapid application, pleasant to the touch and with a very soft feel. Its vital anti-aging properties act in various ways:
1) Moisturizing of the skin from the surface down to its deepest layers.
2) Stimulation of the microcirculation and hence greater capacity of the capillaries to nourish the tissue.
3) Prevention and reduction of the damaging action of free radicals, and hence of aging.
A mixture of Vitamins make Oxidative stress an excellent product with the power to combat free radical activity.


Beauty has become precious: the latest frontier in anti-aging research, formulated with platinum.
Face mask with a soft and creamy texture, its precious platinum powder guarantees an anti-aging action, preventing the formation of wrinkles and maintaining the skin at its maximum level of efficiency; the Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrating Complex safeguard against the risk of dehydration; a mixture of precious Vegetable Oils from the Amazon deep-nourish the skin, the Vitamins contribute to preventing the cell oxidation phenomena underlying skin aging.


Linea Cosmetica Villa Paradiso clinical beauty has succeeded in condensing scientific and aesthetic knowledge into an innovative method to give new luminosity and splendour to the complexion. An integrated cosmetic method, in three phases.
Phase 1 – exfoliation to prepare the skin well for the second phase,
Phase 2 - application of the active peel off mask (Masque Visage Lumineux)
Phase 3 – the last phase, specific face emulsion (intensive lumineux) formulated with synergistic active ingredients that optimize results over the course of time.


Soft, creamy mask rich in natural plant functional ingredients, which give the product multiple cosmetic properties: Sebum-regulating and purifying action (thanks to the presence of clay and Laminaria Saccarina kelp extract) ideal for the excessively greasy areas of the face which tend, therefore, to be shiny. Antioxidant and protective action for all skin types (thanks to the presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter). Moisturizing action for dry and dull skin (thanks to the presence of Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Natural Moisturizing Factor, Pantenol). The Mask as a whole, therefore, has excellent rebalancing properties, and guarantees an energizing and regenerating effect.


A special deep-cleansing treatment that gently cleanses the skin of the face. Its special powders facilitate the elimination of any kind of impurity from the face, while its special and innovative formulation preserves the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) during the cleansing action, leaving the skin soft and protected. It cleanses and gently eliminates impurities, blackheads and dead cells, respecting the skin’s hydrolipidic film and leaving it soft, clean and radiant. It is quick and simple (no sitting time required).


Allergy and hypersensitivity are two words that we encounter frequently in fields that deal with the most disparate products: drugs, foods, costume jewellery accessories and, of course, cosmetics. Such reactions occur because our immune system responds to certain substances that it does not recognize and that it classifies as being “hostile”. Defence Skin Mask is not exclusively designed for skins with a tendency to develop allergies, but for all skins in which defence barriers have been, in some way, damaged and which require products with a high tolerability profile.


Defence Skin cream is not exclusively designed for skins with a tendency to develop allergies, but for all skins in which defence barriers have been, in some way, damaged and which require products with a high tolerability profile. During its formulation, special attention has been dedicated to all of the product’s ingredients: preserving systems and perfumes with a good tolerability profile, physical sun filters. These are just some of the special features that distinguish a cosmetic for this type of skin, differentiating it from the majority of products available on the market.


Rich in ingredients with a deep-moisturizing action, it effectively regulates the skin’s water content, with a prolonged effect on the skin. A special extract from Laminaria Saccharina kelp prevents and normalizes the irregular secretion of sebum, giving the complexion a smoother, more even appearance.


Special serum for the face with softening and restorative properties. Force serum contains a precious plant complex with marked soothing and repairing properties, with the power to alleviate and combat the symptoms typical of particularly fragile skin. Increases resistance and tolerability to aggressive external agents Soothing and softening properties.


Innovative peeling treatment. Formulated with an optimum dose of Alpha and Beta-hydroxy-acids, it helps remove the dead cells from the more superficial layers of the skin, improving its texture and preparing it for the subsequent phases of the treatment. The other functional ingredients of the product help balance the exfoliating action of the treatment, thanks to their moisturizing, regenerating and emollient properties.
Result: renewed, plump skin, in perfect condition to allow the active ingredients to work effectively.


The new immediate 7-day night treatment which:
the skin during the best time of the day, gaining the maximum and most prolonged benefits of the cosmetic action during the hours of the night.
Guaranteed by the activity of the:
• Starter Emulsion + Enzymatic Complex (phial)
• Trans-Dermal Patch (anhydrous slow release sticking plaster)
Presentation: KIT = Phial 6ml + 1 sachet with 7 patches


Innovative formulation that gives radiance, evenness, hydration and nourishment to the complexion. The synergistic targeted action of the functional ingredients with which the cream is enriched help prevent discoloured skin patches. Three functional ingredients with three different mechanisms of action combine forces, promoting and intensifying the skin’s radiance.


The eye contour area is the most delicate part of the face and a targeted action in this area requires special attention and unquestionably a specifically formulated product. Aging of the eyelids is a result of dehydration of the skin, slackening of the orbicularis muscle and wrinkles produced by the action of the muscle itself. The targeted action of HIGH PERFORMANCE EYES AND LIPS from Villa Paradiso’s Clinical Beauty line helps reverse and combat the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the sensation of swelling and bags by helping to keep the skin young and elastic. An exclusive technology, the use of which guarantees radiant skin and the visible reduction of many skin imperfections, creating a special light refraction effect.

Eye contour hydrogel PATCH MASK

Exclusive Eye Mask formulated with the hydrogel technique. As time passes, the area around the eyes is subject to change. Our lifestyle can also have a negative effect on the physiological aging process. And so the first expression lines start to appear, often accompanied by dark rings and bags under the eyes. LINEA COSMETICA VILLA PARADISO Clinical Beauty has formulated a hydrogel Mask, especially designed to exert its action on the skin tissue around the eyes. The HYDROGEL method makes it possible to protect the active substances, which are gradually released into the skin tissue while the mask is in place. The special structure of the mask makes its use simple, practical and effective.


Exclusive mask formulated with the patch technique, for the treatment of nail aging. The functional active ingredients it contains help maintain prolonged hydration, stimulating renewal (VITAMIN A), while the Equiseto extract rich in mineral salts has a powerful remineralizing action and the Wheat Proteins protect the tissue. It also contains MANDELIC ACID, an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from the hydrolysis of an extract of bitter almonds which, thanks to its special properties, is used to combat photo-aging and pigmentation disorders.


Anti-aging formula which nourishes and hydrates the skin tissue, preventing the formation of marks, and diminishing those already existing. The action of the UVA URSI extracts, VITAMINS A, E, C, stimulate cell renewal, intensifying the radiance of the skin, so that the hands appear smooth, soft and glowing.
- Moisturizing action
- Combats and prevents the formation of marks


The skin of the body is naturally drier than that of the face and its hydrolipidic film is not as thick and protective. The sebaceous secretions are less intensive because the sebaceous glands are less numerous. Contact with garments, hard water and strong detergents, pregnancies and weight losses lead to diminished elasticity and firmness. The cells lose cohesion, the lipids become impoverished and start to break up, the water reserves become depleted. The cells lose their elasticity and become dry and rough to the touch. Toning Nourishing Body Cream is a soft emulsion, the formulation of which is rich in vegetable oils that have moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties.


Delicate texture developed anhydrously (without water), containing sea salt crystals which exert a smoothing effect on the area treated. Use of the product helps eliminate dead cells, refining the grain of the skin. Rich in precious oils, it is excellent for massaging the skin, thereby reactivating the subcutaneous microcirculation and increasing the absorption and effectiveness of the cosmetic treatments. It leaves the skin soft and silky.
Smooth, well-moisturized, radiant skin.


Medium-viscosity gel-emulsion with a soft texture, excellent for massaging and easily absorbed, ideal for the treatment of breast and décolleté. The active ingredients contained in it exert a deep-moisturizing, lifting, firming and, above all, volume-enhancing action. Moisturizing – volume enhancing action.
Firming – lifting action.


The active ingredients used in the CELLUFORMS product are particularly effective in reducing the causes of swelling. They are, therefore, ingredients with soothing properties such as Green Coffee Extract, high in Chlorogenic acid, Vanilla milk from pods and Escin with liposomal delivery system. The soothing and edema-reducing action of Chlorogenic acid has been acknowledged for some time now, but its natural combination with caffeine in the extract of green coffee (not toasted) reinforces this action, probably due to the decreased volume of adipocytes connected with the lipolytic action of the Coffee itself.

BODY SCULPT + Ankle band

Integrated functional cosmetic system. A question of tone. The inner thigh, arms and décolleté become critical areas of the body. Age, unbalanced diet, sudden weight changes and a sedentary lifestyle can cause an increase in subcutaneous fat and a loss of tissue tone. The enemy to fight is skin slackening, which is brought about by poor efficiency of the supporting tissue. Improvements can be achieved with regard to these paraphysiological changes, if they are combated on all fronts: attention to diet, targeted cosmetics associated with self-care, including daily massage and increased physical exercise. ...


Fluid gel-emulsion. The product is very smooth-flowing to apply and easy to massage in. It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft and well-moisturized. Formulation rich in oils and active ingredients of plant origin and vitamins. Suitable for all types of skin, including male skin. Ideal after a shower, excellent as an after-sun treatment, but also great to use any time the skin requires moisturizing and nourishment. Moisturizing – protective action Antioxidant action


Especially formulated for localized areas, Body perfect is a cream that is light to the touch and easily absorbed. It combines natural/plant active ingredients with a marked stimulating action on the cell metabolism and the blood microcirculation (cola, guaranà, ivy extract) which prompts a reducing, slimming cosmetic effect. Butcher’s broom exerts an excellent vasoprotective and anti-edema effect, reinforcing the walls of the blood vessels. To guarantee deep-acting efficiency, the caffeine has a general activating effect on the microcirculation, on microcirculation and tissue fluid exchange and on lipolysis.
- Slimming action
- Draining/reducing action


Product for the treatment of the face and body. CONCEPT SOLAIRE is the cosmetic, anti-aging preparation system for the sun formulated by Villa Paradiso which enables the skin to defend itself in a natural way from the sun and deal with it effectively. Emulsion for the face and body, to be used during indirect exposure to the sun. The natural substances contained in the product have an in-depth stimulating action on the skin’s melanin, improving hydration and protection, and combating premature skin aging.
- Promotes tanning
- Slow release moisturizing action
- Golden, radiant skin


This product helps combat swelling and exerts a purifying action, stimulating the elimination of excess liquids, and this is undoubtedly one of the fundamental actions for preventing heaviness of the legs, leading to the onset of the dreaded cellulite. Due to lack of movement, the lymph tends to stagnate, accumulating in the tissue and causing swollen feet and ankles. The lymph runs through the vessels propelled by the action of the muscles. This is why it is so important to take regular exercise (walking, cycling etc.), follow a healthy diet, drink large quantities of water and use targeted cosmetics. ...


Mild formulation free from SLES surfactants, ideal for the bath and shower. Rich in revitalizing Trace Elements and with Oat Proteins which moisturize and protect the skin, making it soft to the touch. The delicate fragrance of Amber makes bathing a delightful moment of well-being.
Cleansing action.


Excellent preparation recommended for dry, dehydrated and chapped feet, with a soft rich texture. Ideal for softening the skin in cases of rough, dry heels. Its revitalizing and refreshing action is enhanced by the use of Menthol which, with Centella Asiatica and Butcher's Broom, help stimulate the circulation. Its deep-nourishing effect on the connective and supporting tissue gives relief to swollen legs and promotes drainage.
- Revitalizing action
- Softening - refreshing
- Circulation-stimulating action

PATCH MASK FOR THE NECK with anti-aging action

Detail of Patch Mask for the treatment of the neck formulated with hydrogel technology. The use of functional ingredients of plant origin, such as Aloe and Centella Asiatica help combat the damage caused by photo-aging, stimulating the circulation. The exclusive active ingredient PEPHA-TIGHT, extract of the alga Nannochloropsis, combined with a fraction of polysaccharides of biotechnological origin, exerts an instant smoothing action.


Ideal for all types of hair, particularly suitable for the treatment of dry, brittle hair. Disentangles and nourishes the hair, rendering it soft and glossy. The formula is based on the combination of wheat proteins with a pool of precious vegetable oils (linseed, wheat germ, olive, jojoba) which give the hair protection (from external agents, surfactants), which exert a strengthening action (against breaking), and which have film-forming and softening properties.
- Nourishing action
- Protective action
- Disentangling action
- Strengthening action


Mild formulation free from SLES surfactants and rich in active plant substances, it cleanses gently, nourishing and rebalancing the scalp, making all types of hair soft, glossy and full of vitality.
- Cleansing action
- Hair illuminating action


The REVITALIZING DROPS combine functional active ingredients with a complementary action in a single formulation in order to combat the hair aging process and thus prevent hair loss. They help protect and repair the different structures of the hair bulb and, at the same time, they stimulate the cell metabolism so as to reinforce and rejuvenate the hair thus preventing it from falling out. They exert their beneficial action on the scalp without dulling the hair and without leaving any traces of grease. They can therefore be used on a daily basis.
- Protective action
- Strengthening action
- Non-greasy, do not dull the hair